Literacy Resources, Inc. is pleased to offer professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators to provide support for implementation of the phonemic awareness lessons in the classroom setting. One of our skilled and knowledgeable consultants provides teachers and staff with guidance throughout the 35-weeks of lessons, and engages all participants in modeling of lessons and the hand motions that are included for some of the skills.

Many schools and school districts find it helpful to provide teachers and staff with professional development in the curriculum in order to provide common language around the lessons, fidelity of implementation with the phonemic awareness skills, and consistency of instruction among classrooms. A deeper understanding of the curriculum helps teachers to see the importance of implementing phonemic awareness instruction into their literacy lessons.

Our consultants have extensive experience with the curriculum, as they are trained teachers and Reading Specialists who have a passion for teaching reading. A request for professional development can be made below.

Training session options

Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Training for Schools and Districts

In‑person training provided by a Literacy Resources Consultant: Alisa Van Hekken or Marjorie Bottari

Session length: 3 hours

In this session, participants will gain an in-depth understanding of the scope and sequence of eight phonemic awareness skills, and its alignment to the Common Core State Standards. The presentation is research-based and will focus on the published phonemic awareness curriculum written by Dr. Michael Heggerty. Participants will observe a model lesson, engage in guided practice with the trainers, and time will be provided for the participants to practice the lessons during the session. The consultant will also provide ideas for intervention and ideas for monitoring students’ progress through phonemic awareness assessments and student writing. It is our goal that teachers will leave the training session ready to successfully implement the curriculum with their students the next school day.

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Webinar: Heggerty Phonemic Awareness Training for Schools and Districts

Online training provided by a Literacy Resources Consultant: Alisa Van Hekken or Marjorie Bottari

Session length: 60–90 minutes

Zoom Meeting will be used to stream an online training for teachers. This training provides a concise explanation defining phonemic awareness, why it is important, and participants are provided with a brief explanation of the skills that are included in each lesson. A handout will be sent in advance for participants to refer to throughout the session.

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